Original Settlers

Some of the Original Greek Individuals to Arrive in the Bakersfield Area (Between the Years  of 1911 and 1924)


Mr. Peter Agalos
Mr. Tom Angeles
Mr. George Antonaros
Mr. Anthony Antoniou
Mr. Peter Bisbey
Mr. John Carnakis
Mr. Harry Chicklenis
Mr. George Captain
Mr. Gus Cazacus
Mr. Bill Christy
Mr. Eleftherios Daoutis
Mr. John Demos
Mr. William Fotis
Mr. Sam Frangis
Mr. Tom Gianopulos
Mr. Nick Gombos
Mr. Nick Harris
Mr. Anthony Harris
Mr. Peter Kolias
Mr. Alex Koliopulos
Mr. Gus Koutroulis
Mr. Stamatis Kyercous
Mr. Frank Marantos
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marantos
Mr. Menos Mavromatis
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mellos
Mr. John Mellas
Mr. Jim Michaels
Mr. Andrew Pappas
Mr. Chris Poulogianis
Mr. Sam Pourros
Mr. James Radomis
Mr. Peter Simos
Mr. Chris Simos
Mr. James Simos
Mr. Apostolos Simos
Mr. John Stamoulis
Mr. John Tsitakis
Mr. Tom Valos
Mr. John Vlahos

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