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Youth Group/GOYA meet every 2nd & 4th Sunday (subject to change-please see bulletin or newsletter) from approximately 12:30-2:00 pm.  Ages 12-18 or going to be 12 this school year are welcome as we will be continuing the theme “#maketheclimb”.

We not only invite all youth, boys and girls in this general age range, but we also invite parents to be proactive with their youth through presence, participation, and other volunteer opportunities.  The program and experience of the kids will be greatly enhanced when accompanied by others in the parish who care, especially parents.  

This year, Gabriela and I have many fun activities planned through the advice of the archdiocese.  Some of these include Y2AM program, “Crushing the Passions”, Homeless Center, Monastery, and Habitat for Humanity.  We also have fundraisers planned through coffee hour and car wash sales.  The children will be encouraged to participate as much as possible so that they will be able to move toward the goal of participating in end of the year activities such as, end of the year pizza party, trip, and awards.

We also encourage the youth participation in other parish ministries and events such as:  Festival Prep, Outreach, Greek Dance, Altar and Narthex duties, etc.

Youth Group and GOYA Directors

Michael and Gabriela Ryan

Contact:  YouthGroup@ourparish.us


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Upcoming Events

Oct 21 8:30 am
Divine Liturgy
Oct 21 9:30 am
Religious Education
Oct 21 11 am
Coffee Hour
Oct 21 11:30 am
Feed the Homeless Initiative Planning Meeting
Oct 21 12 pm
Parish Council Meeting
Oct 25 7 pm
Divine Liturgy
Oct 26 9:30 am

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