Parish Council

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Parish Council Members:

Father Joseph Chaffee (non-voting)

President:           Daniel Andrews

Vice President:    Rdr. Teddy Budy

Treasurer:           Osama Dawood

Secretary:           Rdr. Tom Dorlis

Joshua "Chuy" Cisneros

James Dean

Namaz Habroun-Pimental

Ken Hackelman

Ron Michael Ryan

Dr. Emmanuel Strategos


Uniform Parish Regulations

Parish Council Guidebook

Parish By Laws

2019 Election Ratification

Reclaiming the Great Commission in the Parish - A presentation by Father Evan Armatas

From left to right:

From left to right: Rdr. Ted Budy, Dr. Emmanuel Strategos, Annette Londquist, Namaz Habroun-Pimental, Ken Hackelman, Fr. Joseph Chaffee, Daniel Andrews, James Dean, Joshua "Chuy" Cisneros, Rdr. Tom Dorlis, Osama Dawood.