Parish Council

Contact by email:

Parish Council Members:

Father Joseph Chaffee (non-voting)

President:           Namaz Habroun-Pimentel

Vice President:    Ted Budy

Treasurer:           Osama Dawood

Secretary:          Tom Drulias

Danny Andrews
Joshua (Chuy) Cisneros 
Mary Mekhel
Ted Exarchulakos
Dr. Emmanuel Strategos
Nikoli Hackelman
Julie Pierucci
We have an open position on parish council.
If anyone is interested please contact Namaz by phone or at the above email.
Next meeting: Dec. 17 at 7PM

Uniform Parish Regulations

Parish Council Guidebook

Parish By Laws

2019 Election Ratification

Reclaiming the Great Commission in the Parish - A presentation by Father Evan Armatas

From left to right: Ted Budy, James Dean, Dan Andrews, Namaz Habroun-Pimental, Tom Drulias, Father Joseph Chaffee, Osama Dawood, Julie Pierucci, Joshua (Chuy) Cisneros, Ted Exarchoulakos.
Not pictured: Dr. Emmanuel Strategos, Nikoli Hackelman and Mary Mekhel.