Religious Education

Directors: Fr. Joseph Chaffee

General Information

St. Phillip - Patron Saint of Religious Education


Classes are held on most Sundays from the end of August to the end of May.  Please see the calendar for specific dates of classes.  You can also access the Religious Education Master Calendar.

The last Sunday of every month is Family Sunday, which allows for students to attend Divine Liturgy with their family.  Please check the calender for the most up to date schedule.
Students are expected to participate in the Divine Liturgy each Sunday. This is the Foundation of all Religious Education. Class will begin immediately following Communion and once the opening prayer is said will last for twenty minutes. Please do not pull your child out of class early. Our classroom time is short and any interruption will take away from the lesson.



Regular attendance is expected and important to enrich the students understanding and love of our extraordinary faith. Each time your children come to class they will sign in. We have attendance cards that will be filled out by the teacher each week. At the end of the year there will be awards for those who attend regularly.


Holy Communion

We encourage all students to take communion regularly. Having said that they should be properly prepared. They must abstain from eating or drinking before coming to Church. They should approach the chalice reverently remembering to cross them selves before receiving.



Students are encouraged to bring an offering, preferably one that comes from their own allowance or earnings. Students will also be given the opportunities to practice Christian stewardship in conjunction with Philoptochos projects


St George Church Religious Education Curriculum

Pre K – Kindergarten: God in Our Life

Getting to Know God
So Great a God
A Way of Life

1st – 2nd Grade: Church In Our Life

Walk Through The Orthodox Church

3rd – 4th Grade: Parables/Bible Stories/Life of Christ

100 Bible Stories
Parables of Our Lord
The Life of Christ

5th – 6th Grade: Saints & Icons / Christian Way of Life

Books :          
Lives of Saints & Major Feast Days
Forty Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church           
Come Bless the Lord Icon Packet
Worship in the Orthodox Church
The Christian Way of Life

7th – 8th Grade: The Nicene Creed, Sacraments, and the Ten Commandments

 The Nicene Creed for Young People
 Teenage Ten Commandments            
 The Sacraments of the Orthodox Church

High School (9th – 12th Grade): Life and the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers
Come Receive the Light Bibles – New Testament